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UPVC cleaning can be a tricky task due to having to work from height depending on your property type or age of the Upvc. This is where we come in BrightWhite UPVC use only the best techniques that give you like new Upvc cleaning results in Stockport. Our Upvc cleaning and restoration method and way of cleaning is thorough. BrightWhite Upvc cleaning Stockport are happy to provide you with free advice and solutions to any problems that you may be facing. BrightWhite UPVC is one of the few companies that provide a hands on Upvc Cleaning approach.. Choose BrightWhite UPVC for the best quality cleaning and restoration services in Stockport.

Along with many other cleaning services we offer, because no cost is spared on quality of products our Upvc cleans stay clean for much longer than others. We advise our existing customers to re-use our Upvc cleaning services once every 2 years if ignored the harder the task at hand. Moreover, in  autumn when it rains more often the chances of having problems increases. That’s why during this time BrightWhite Upvc will cover you with a extra call back service to customers if we don’t get rid of the problem. On the other hand falling of leaves and strong wind is common in the UK thus, we are available 24 hours to help you.

BrightWhite are experts and specialists in the restoration & Upvc cleaning indsutry. We use modern and high-quality tools for doing the job at hand. Our cleaning services are insured with public liability. We believe in giving the best customer service cleaning upvc doors and providing a quality service is our day to day attitude in this industry. We take care of your property and our surroundings to provide you a relaxed service. When the job is completed we will ask you to have a walk around your property, check from bedroom windows and cover any questions you might have. We put 100% into every job we do.

Fill out our online query form. Our experts are always available to serve you and we have plenty of pride in what we. BrightWhite UPVC Cleaning Stockport.

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Upvc cleaning can be a difficult job with out the right equipment or cleaning products. The glass and upvc windows especially without leaving streaks can be stressful at times too. If you  want a professional standard result get in touch!  If you are looking to do it yourself and just want some advice on doing it yourself. We have laid out a step-by-step guide below. How to clean your own Upvc windows and doors on a budget. You can still choose to call us a  specialist restoration and upvc cleaning company. We restore your Upvc back to like new condition again, then afterwards to maintain longevity you can maintain it yourself using our guide below.

The Evolution Of BrightWhite Upvc Cleaning Stockport

Upvc became a popular choice for windows for a home owner in the 1980s due to its insulating, soundproofing, energy efficiency benefits. As well as the appeal of no more need to paint your old wood windows and low maintenance. Upvc is very durable and does not rot or rust. However over a period of time the Upvc will look dirty and mouldy. Even snow  will gather on your window sills and frames making your Upvc look grey and ingrained. Facing a constant attack from the UK weather cleaning your Upvc regularly is necessary to keep your investment well maintained and looking good. This is where BrightWhite Upvc come in not everyone is so steady on ladders like us or have the equipment either. When it comes to cleaning your upvc we make sure all the boxes are ticked. Fill out our online query form. Our experts are always available to serve you and we have plenty of pride in what we. BrightWhite UPVC Cleaning Stockport.

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  • cleaning Upvc windows frames
  • cleaning paint off Upvc
  • cleaning white Upvc conservatory
  • cleaning Upvc guttering
  • cleaning upvc downpipes
  • cleaning upvc handles and hinges 

Here’s a list of things you will need to maintain your Upvc after our restoration and upvc cleaning services.

  • A bucket
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Soft brush
  • Washing up liquid
  • White Vinegar    
  • Hosepipe                                                                                                                                                                                           

Keep on top of your own Upvc after BrightWhite

It is important to prepare these products first to get the cleaning job done quicker. Just follow our steps to achieve your desired look.
Add water to your bucket and when it is full squirt plenty of washing up liquid in the bucket. Next add the white vinegar to the same bucket and give it a good stir. This mix will help you to do the Upvc cleaning with out leaving any streaks.
Use the mix with your brush to reach those hard to get to areas. Wash down with a sponge that you can reach. We have provided you with some tips below to keep your eyes out for if you want the best job possible

Remove the dust and debris from the hinge using the nozzle of a garden hose to prevent scratching the surrounding area.
If your window is hard to open, you can use and apply wd40 to keep its flexibility.

Start by brushing in your ready made mix you made earlier and brush in to the window panes, frames and doors. At all times be aware of your surrounding area. Make sure you are as thorough as possible. Once done just rinse down all your fascia, soffit, gutters and conservatory with a garden hose. 

Heres a tip for you for even better end results:

Use a professional glass cleaner when dry to get the glass shining even more. The fairy and vinegar mix will do the same if you are stuck for time.

Avoid using bleach or cheap cleaners when trying Upvc cleaning prevent discolouration in your Upvc.

It does require a good work ethic an plenty of effort. You do need to pay attention to every part of your Upvc including the gutters, hinges, sills, downpipes and glass, but it’s something very do able. 

By following our advice above, you can bring back your windows and doors back to life with no budget doing it regularly can preserve your Upvc a long time. 

If you would much rather call us in and book a full restoration and a upvc clean service then get in touch via our form today.

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BrightWhite continues to be  a household name through out Stockport for cleaning and restoring Upvc. We operate in all these areas, and we are always available 24 hours for any Upvc cleaning service, BrightWhite Upvc specialise in cleaning Upvc window frames, and restoring Upvc doors.



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